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Thoughts on Extending Life in the Face of Death

I know this is a blog on my walk through the Bible, but there are times when I come across things that compel me to comment and are maybe not appropriate for The American Culture, and Facebook is annoying. So I think from time to time I’ll engage in┬ámiscellaneous musings about life and things.

I’m addicted to golf, and I enjoy reading Golf Digest every month. The latest issue has Wayne Gretzky’s daughter on the cover because it’s ostensibly about fitness, but of course it is more about our culture’s obsession with youth and aversion to mortality. Paulina is ridiculously thin and certainly appears in shape, but of course she’s more a focus of envy to most normal people who are not young, thin and in shape.

One of the pieces in the magazine is the “6 Habits of Longer-Living Golfers.” To scratch out a few more years we should move, eat well, drink moderately, engage others, pause to relax and enjoy life, and love. I couldn’t help thinking as I read this and about the studies that say so and so people who do such and such generally live X number of years longer, so what! So you get an extra five years, then you are dead FOREVER! Is not the more important question, what does this thing called death mean? Or why is there death, and what comes with it, suffering and pain?

The most ontologically pressing question that confronts us literally every minute of every day is our mortality, yet most people will do everything they can to ignore it, to deny it, pretend it doesn’t really exist. It is of course too obvious to really ignore or deny, so they are afraid of it, sad about it, frustrated by it, but it never occurs to them to ask the meaning of it. Thank almighty God he did not leave me, and lots of others, in apathy and ignorance.